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SEASON #76 (Day 67)


10 Aug 2019 


10 Nov 2019 


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Top 10 Segunda
1. monke226 +$881k
2. Posin +$696k
3. cay23 +$694k
4. jaikishin1 +$667k
5. soccersensei +$640k
6. heshin +$578k
7. gl821 +$571k
8. phil30 +$555k
9. Pak G-Sting +$546k
10. jackietom +$538k

Top 100 Tipsters
 -1. Hope_Can_Help $3.67m
 2. franciscosava… $3.55m
 3. AB-Mafia $3.40m
 4. illidan $3.39m
 -5. Believe_IT $3.35m
 6. Galatea $3.34m
 -7. Accurate Too $3.31m
 8. Pakcek $3.26m
 9. LaMinHtun $3.16m
 -10. sundaysushi $3.13m
 11. Butterfly6f $3.11m
 12. boiler $3.09m
 13. soccersensei $3.05m
 14. Zaw(MinHtetZa… $2.96m
 -15. Vins_W $2.93m
 16. spit on you $2.92m
 17. tiểu nhị $2.87m
 18. Valkyrie X7 R… $2.82m
 19. alvissa $2.81m
 20. Bretz $2.79m
 21. PrinceGiggs $2.78m
 22. jayce3979 $2.77m
 23. No 23 $2.76m
 24. Arsenal_hong $2.73m
 25. ac $2.73m
 26. nkhmy $2.73m
 27. realmonster $2.73m
 28. PopProgolf $2.71m
 29. amas $2.71m
 30. StageFC $2.70m
 31. ltl1946 $2.70m
 32. vantotti $2.70m
 33. curvaceous Je… $2.67m
 34. Ekko $2.66m
 35. akion $2.62m
 36. take $2.59m
 37. hoongsiewlee $2.58m
 38. Shawnng $2.58m
 39. jo75 $2.57m
 40. khinmaungthei… $2.57m
 41. Méo Kiểu $2.57m
 42. monke226 $2.56m
 43. rajaberas $2.55m
 44. 50 pound $2.53m
 45. cecak88 $2.52m
 46. 阿旺 $2.50m
 47. Ant_Reyes $2.50m
 -48. Mr.Philly $2.49m
 49. minhmy0710 $2.49m
 50. cuong007_QNGA… $2.48m

 51. ronanronan $2.48m
 52. maestro00 $2.47m
 53. JOSEPH SHYU $2.44m
 54. vader8847 $2.42m
 55. Faceless $2.40m
 -56. blackthorne $2.40m
 57. King.Cris-Ron… $2.39m
 58. piggypig $2.39m
 59. engann2 $2.39m
 60. aceblue123 $2.36m
 61. dglc $2.36m
 62. lorenzo777 $2.35m
 63. king8999 $2.35m
 64. 亚洲足球内幕 $2.35m
 65. AntiBookie $2.35m
 66. 226eknom $2.35m
 67. Leo Wazza $2.34m
 68. poolfans $2.33m
 69. BoyeTipterAsi… $2.33m
 70. dOuGLaS $2.33m
 71. Kyanmao $2.31m
 72. kexauxa $2.31m
 73. HappyYeo $2.31m
 74. felipemassa $2.30m
 75. Phoniex78 $2.27m
 76. Seven11 $2.25m
 77. @_UKRunner_@ $2.25m
 78. Tianfa $2.25m
 79. Hzgc $2.21m
 80. colby0607 $2.21m
 81. pigeon $2.20m
 82. Gaber $2.19m
 83. wiraboy $2.18m
 -84. quannd13 $2.17m
 85. FLE(X) $2.15m
 86. SoeLinn $2.13m
 87. |FanHQH| $2.13m
 88. marvelous1998 $2.13m
 -89. garyong72 $2.12m
 90. takengo2003 $2.12m
 91. Cass46 $2.10m
 92. Red-Hot-P!ckS $2.10m
 93. ebbo10018 $2.09m
 94. PhinToneLone1 $2.09m
 95. Cco2115 $2.09m
 96. Bongco85 $2.08m
 97. melvinfc $2.07m
 98. wtz8 $2.06m
 99. Copetndez $2.06m
 100. jwmalo $2.06m
Total Tipsters: 4865
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 = Winning Streak


Welcome to the AsianBookie Tipsters Championship - The World's Largest Picks Competition! This picks competition was first launched in 2002 for the World Cup and it is the only one of its kind on the internet. Right now at its peak, you can compete with more than 20,000+ tipsters in real time for the honour of being a Top 50 AsianBookie Tipster

The Tipsters championship runs throughout each football season and will be resetted about every 2 to 3 months:

All players will start with an initial balance of AB$1,000,000.00 in their account every season and you can place up to a minimum of AB$25,000.00 per match, which may increase nearing the end of the competition!

You will be allowed to place a BIG BET of AB$100,000 on matches that you are confident on. - Limited to 3 BIG BETS a day.

You can choose a number of different picks and check how you fare at risk-free stakes. The tipsters championship also serves as a great statistics tool - You will see which tipsters does best in the competition, broken down by leagues, winning percentage, yield and AB$ won or lost. You can also see a daily consensus of every tipster as a in the Top 50 Tipsters picks summary whereby you can follow closely the Top 50 tipsters picks by percentages.

There will be a ranking chart with all the tipsters' balance. The ranking chart gives you the names of the best tipsters and you have the possibility to check the picks of the tipsters you favour.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to email us at Meanwhile, Have Fun and Happy Punting!

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